About Our Institution

  • Footprints

The Holy Rosary School is a Christian Minority School owned and run by the Catholic Diocese of Indore, a registered society under the M.P. Societies Registration Act 1973. The Society runs sixteen schools in Indore, Dewas and Dhar districts of M. P. It is governed and managed by the Catholic Diocese of Indore with its Bishop as the Chairman. It is unaided and the medium of instruction is English. The school is located on the Depalpur Road in the town of Betma, surrounded by a lot of greenery.

  • Priorities

Along with academic excellence, the school strongly upholds moral and spiritual values. The integral development of personality is the prime goal and it is achieved through effective studies, sports & games and other co-curricular activities. Special effort is made in promoting integration of students belonging to different religious and social backgrounds, thus shaping them to be open-minded and balanced citizens
of the global society.

  • Emblem

A lamp and a book with a cross at the center surrounded by rosary beads with the motto ‘Education to Illuminate’ written underneath. Lamp : Symbolizes dispelling of darkness of illiteracy and imparting spiritual and human values. Book : Stands for the world of knowledge Rosary : Symbolizes binding together of different culture, caste and creed of the society with one cord. Motto : ‘Education to Illuminate’: Education removes ignorance and enlightens the individual with truth and knowledge.

Why Holy Rosary School

  • HRS has geared up to various status for its Excellence in the field of School Education.
  • HRS with Modern Infrastructure facilities.
  • ICT enabled campus with Wi – Fi, smart class rooms and digital library.
  • Dedicated faculty and staff with professional experience.
  • Opportunities for Co-Scholastic, Projects and Research.
  • Strong foundation for character building and personality development.
  • Enhancing the talents, analytical, technical and communication skills.
  • Encouraging for Sports, Cultural and Service Activities.
  • Propelling the economically poor students towards academic excellence with financial support and scholarships.

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